Welcome to EA3UU

On this page you can see how I built my loop magnetic antenna and the process of restoring and repairing my stations. I also dedicate a section to my lab and my fellow radio amateurs.

For those who still want more after having consulted this page, you can visit my Youtube channel, where will you see in more detail the assembly of my loop antenna and the repairs of my Drake, Icom and Kenwood equipment.

My high performance line 4 Drake

Drake 4C line R-4C receiver
Integrated DDS in the Drake 4C line
Drake 4C line transmitter T-4XC

It has a built-in 10 MHz GPS outdoor reference, 1 Hz resolution, and requires no calibration. It can be used from the Ham Radio Deluxe and the DDS is also capable of directly controlling Icom equipment via the remote connector.

Nothing as simple as installing the DDS VFO R-4C antenna on the glass of a window from which the sky can be seen. To see in more detail how this state-of-the-art equipment works, you can download the user manual.

Current line 4 + DDS VFO