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CQ Radio Amateur article

CQ Amateur Radio (also known simply as CQ or CQ Magazine, and previously as CQ: The Radio Amateur's Journal) is a magazine for amateur radio enthusiasts first published on 1945.

The English edition is read all over the world; the Spanish edition is published in Spain, with some translations of articles from the English edition and some original European content. The magazine it was also published in France with partial translation of the original edition between 1995 and 2000 (ISSN 1267-2750). Published by CQ Communications, the title is based on the radio call "CQ".

The following pdf document is an extract from issue 306 of the magazine, where there is an article about EA3UU.

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Radio control from Oceania

One of the greatest achievements I have achieved with the loop magnetic antenna is two qso's with New Zeeland and a reception check from VK6 Australia, all on the same date, 12 a.m. on the 25th July 2016. As confirmation of said communications, and receipt checks, here is the copy of an email sent from Australia at the time.

"Today I did copy your qso's with Willem ZL3CHE and Rolly ZL4AU on the 40mtr band and before, your qso with K4 in Virginia, USA. Your signal here was very good. Starting at 57 on my meter with your qso with the K4 and peaking 58 at the end of your qso with Rolly. I copy that you were using a "Magnetic Loop" 2 mtrs above your roof and I think you said 3 mtrs diameter and your 200W. Here it is very early for dx from Europe. It is 3pm, about 2 hours before my sun set. Signals from Europe, at this time on 40 mtr band are best in about 1 hour later. Your signal was equal with other dx stations for this time, such as F4BEW and F5BZB and at this time I did hear no other stations from Europe. So i think your magnetic loop is working amazing, considering band conditions are not great and because this is not a great antenna and and it is not very high. My antenna is a 160m dipole, so on 40 mtrs band is 2 wavelength centre fed extended double zepp type antenna about 30 mtrs high. I know you were having big qrm, so unfortunately you did not copy me calling you. Also I see your beautiful Drake restoration work, excellent. I hope to make a qso with you on 40 one day soon or meet with you on another band."